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Will AKF Martial Arts actually increase you or your child’s confidence, discipline, physical fitness, and teach vital self-defense skills that you’ll be able to use for the rest of your life? Absolutely, but don’t take our word for it. Below are some comments from real life AKF Martial Arts members.

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Words from our Members

“I was introduced to martial arts approximately 7 years ago. My goal was simply to involve my young children in a fitness program that was centered around discipline and respect. I enrolled ONLY to reinforce the lessons and training learned in their classes and participate as a family.I never expected to continue MY training in the martial arts, but the martial arts “bug” had grabbed me to my core.

I started training with Kim’s Black Belt Academy a little over 3 years ago. Master Kim and Mr. Berrios have taken my training well beyond just Tae Kwon Do. They push me in body weight and core training, flexibility, and cardio. The program they have developed is not simply about the belt color, but more about OVERALL physical health training and reaching my OWN personal training goals. I am also instructed in Self-Defense techniques, Sparring, and even Judo!!

I watch as school age students are applauded for their efforts OUTSIDE the training hall: awards and merits are given to those who bring in good grades from school and perform chores at home. I hear the lessons taught about what to do (and NOT do) in bullying situations that are so prevalent in schools and society today. I see (and hear!) these young students showing RESPECT to their elders, teachers, and parents. The instruction and training in martial arts TRULY does carry over into all aspects of these young lives.

Training in the martial arts is an affordable individual or family sport and Kim’s Black Belt Academy is no exception. The teachings and value learned from this Academy have far exceeded my expectations. I will be a student of Kim’s Academy for years to come and a student of martial arts for the rest of my life.”

“Almost 6 years ago our oldest son wanted to try Karate. I remember picking Kim’s Black Belt academy because of the really awesome mat. Austin is now a Black Belt and after 6 years he has NEVER once said to his Dad and I, “I don’t want to do this anymore.” Austin after all this time loves to come to class. He has managed to show his family how much fun it is to be a part of this school, and now as a family we all attend classes and love it. Austin and his Dad also enjoy attending the kickboxing classes together and they both look forward to it every Friday. Grand Master Kim and Mr. Berrios are fantastic with the kids, and I think that has a lot to do with how much our children enjoy it. My husband and I really enjoy the workout that we get from being in class, and the friends we have made. We would recommend Kim’s Black Belt Academy to anyone, we absolutely love it here.”
“I have been at AKF Martial Arts now for 4 years. I have since learned many things on my journey to becoming a martial artist. The first thing I learned is that even though my martial arts journey is about me, I would be touched by many people along the way. I have grown to love and look forward to time with the family at AKF and look forward to seeing them at each class. The instructors have always been motivators and supporters of all of the students. When I arrived at the school in 2012, I weighted over 325lbs. Now I am down to 265lbs and dropping. I can move better and as a chronic asthmatic I can breathe better. My blood pressure and cholesterol have both gone down, and I feel better than I ever have, even in high school! Mr. Berrios and Grandmaster Kim are both top notch both in instruction and discipline, and while they always expect 100%, they are always there to help you achieve your goals. I really couldn’t have asked for a better school to train at and I will always feel indebted to the family at AKF Martial Arts!”
My family decided to try AKF Martial Arts as part of our “homeschool P.E.” My wife and I thought we would let our kids try it out for a couple of months and see how it went. The kids loved it! I was the next one to join the

classes. I’m an ultra-runner, and I found the training to be an excellent complement to my current training regimen. I was also pretty excited to be doing something I had always wanted to do. Next to join was Mom. As a busy homeschooling mom, it’s difficult to fit something into her busy schedule, but now she enjoys training alongside her family. Perhaps most impressive is when 60-year-old Granny joined. I’m really proud of her willingness to try something new.

We enjoy training together as a family and sharing in the experience. Grandmaster Kim and Mr. Van Berrios are excellent at encouraging kids and kids of all ages. As the challenges get harder, we help each other out. Likewise, everyone at AKF Martial Arts is willing to help out. The instructors encourage the students in a positive and respectful manner. They teach discipline and courtesy to all of the students. I have met some of the most respectful teenagers around at AKF Martial Arts. The words “sir” and “ma’am” are not a lost art here. Also, adults train alongside youth, and I have seen some interesting things while training there. Among these are a 5-year-old performing a form with over 30 memorized steps, a 14-year-old whipping a roundhouse kick inches from my 6’6″ head, and our Grandmaster playfully enjoying that I can’t keep up with him. I think anyone would enjoy and benefit from training at AKF Martial Arts.



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